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The Swing Time Wooden Swing Set

The Swing Time wooden swing set is our most basic unit, and is the perfect canvas for creating your own custom design! Pick your size and add your own features to create a unique wooden swing set that fits your children’s needs.

Wooden Swing Set - The Swingtime

(5′ x 5′ fort pictured above)

Price: Varies with fort size

4′ x 4′ = $2,195.00

5′ x 5′ = $2,595.00

6′ x 6′ = $2,999.00

7′ x 7′ = $3,499.00


Wooden Roof
10’ Slide
Steering Wheel

8’ Monkey Bars
2 Belt Swings
2 Safety Handles


The Swing Time wooden swing set is a our base model that allows you to build your custom set from scratch.  Pick your own fort size and then add or subtract features from our playset features list for your perfect custom swing set.  The set comes with our most popular features standard.

With 8′ monkey bars, this set offers two swing positions which come with two belt swings as the standard accessories.  You can also add or substitute other swings such as a glider, trapeze, or baby swing depending on your children’s needs.

The Swing Time playset line comes with our standard 10′ wave slide which is perfect for children of all ages.

The size of these forts are listed below as they differ depending on the fort size.  They range from 12′ x 12′ to 15′ x 15′ as the overall footprint.  We encourage customers to set up a free site evaluation to determine how to best fit a playset into your backyard.

Each wooden swing set we make at Swing Time Outdoors is designed and produced with your child’s safety in mind.  This set offers two safety handles for children to safely access the fort and monkey bars where they need them most.

Dimensions: Varies with size:

4′ x 4′ Fort: 12′ x 12′

5′ x 5′ Fort: 13′ x 13′

6′ x 6′ Fort: 14′ x 14′

7′ x 7′ Fort: 15′ x 15′

While this is the overall footprint we can customize the configuration to meet smaller areas.


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