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The Crow’s Nest Wood Swing Set

The Crow’s Nest wood swing set is a great value as it provides some of our best features with an affordable price.  This set is great for children of all ages and is a great way to give your children their first playset with a limited budget.

Wood Swing Set - The Crow’s Nest

Price: $2,999.00


5′ x 6′ Fort with Wooden Roof
Tire Swing
10′ Slide

8′ Swing Beam with Extension Arm
Climbing Ramp
2 Belt Swings
Trapeze Bar


The Crow’s Nest wood swing set is one of the most economical sets we offer with all the amenities of our high end play sets but with a scaled down price. The spacious 5′ x 6′ fort offers children a large playing area while the set includes all of our standard accessories.

The 8′ swing beam with 2′ extension arm allows for 3 swing positions at a low cost.  The Crow’s Nest wood swing set comes standard with two belt swings and a trapeze bar for your children’s enjoyment.  Often families have small children or other circumstances which require a different swing.  At Swing Time Outdoors this is no problem.  You can chose from our playset features list and upgrade or substitute some of our other swing options to meet your specific needs.  Options include a baby seat, glider, and an toddler bucket swing.

This set also comes with our standard 10′ wave slide and a wooden climbing ramp for entrance and exit from the fort.  As with all our products the set is designed with your child’s safety in mind.  The wooden climbing ramp has a knotted rope which assists children when climbing into the fort.

Dimensions: 18′ x 13′

While this is the overall footprint we can customize the configuration to meet smaller areas.

Wood Swing Set - The Crow’s Nest Diagram

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