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The Bungalow Wood Swing Set

The Bungalow wood swing set is the perfect set for small children to have a playground in their own backyard at a very affordable price.  This is our lowest cost playset but we still include some of our great features like belt swings and monkey bars.

Wood Swing Set - The Bungalow

Price: $1,995.00


3′ x 3′ Fort with Wooden Roof
10’ Slide
8’ Monkey Bars
2 Belt Swings
2 Safety Handles


The Bungalow wood swing set is great for a young child’s first play set in their own backyard.  Children will enjoy hours of entertainment with all the introductory features for children.  This wood swing set will fit in almost any backyard no matter how small.  The dimensions are 11′ x 10′ and the set can be configured to fit around small obstacles.

While this is our lowest cost playset it sill offers full 8′ monkey bars for your children to enjoy.  The standard swings that come with this set are two belt swings.  Because many families have small children, or simply have a different preference, you can chose from our playset features to upgrade or switch out existing features for whichever ones meet your personal needs.  Some of our most popular features include toddler buckets and glider swings.

This wood swing set includes our standard 10′ wave slide as well as a wooden roof to shade and protect the 3′ x 3′ deck.

At Swing Time Outdoors we value your child’s safety.  This set is designed with two safety handles to assist children as they climb on and off the monkey bars and also to help children as they enter the fort.

Dimensions: 11′ x 10′

While this is the overall footprint we can customize the configuration to meet smaller areas.

Wood Swing Set - The Bungalow Diagram

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