Swingtime Outdoors

The Bungalow Deluxe Playset

The Swing Time Outdoors Bungalow Deluxe playground offers an affordable swing set with some of our best features added in for your children’s enjoyment.  This is one of our most cost effective sets for children of a young age with all of the essential features and some added extras.

Playground - The Bungalow Deluxe

Price: $2,499.00


4′ x 3′ Fort with Wood Roof
8′ Monkey Bars with Extension Arm
2 Belt Swings
Trapeze Bar

10’ Slide
Fireman’s Pole
2 Safety Handles
Steering Wheel


The Bungalow Deluxe playground is a great set for children of a younger age.  This swing set comes with all the amenities of a high price playground with an affordable price tag.  Designed to fit into almost any backyard, the Bungalow Deluxe is perfect for small spaces and limited playing areas.

This playground comes with 8′ monkey bars and an additional extension arm to allow three swing positions.  The Bungalow Deluxe comes with two belt swings and a trapeze bar as the standard accessories.  We understand that many families have other needs so we offer the option to upgrade swings to other options from our playset features page.

This set offers an 8′ wooden climbing ramp with a knotted rope for assisted entrance into the 4′ x 3′ playing fort.  Along with our standard 10′ wave slide this set offers a fire pole as a secondary exit from the fort.

At Swing Time Outdoors we value your child’s safety and each set is designed with safety as the number one goal.  The Bungalow Deluxe playground offers two safety handles to assist children on and off the monkey bars and into the playing fort.

Dimensions: 17′ x 11′

While this is the overall footprint we can customize the configuration to meet smaller areas.

Playground - The Bungalow Deluxe Diagram

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