Swingtime Outdoors

Swing Time Outdoors has been the leading provider of custom wooden swingsets and playsets in Alpharetta for over 17 years. We create both commercial and residential swingsets that offer children hours of fun and enjoyment. We proudly create unique and innovative play systems that bring your backyard to life and provide children with a place to let their imagination soar. Whether you are looking for wood commercial playgrounds, hybrid playsets, or a residential set, we have the right solutions for you.

A Safe and Exciting Place to Play
At Swing Time Outdoors, we believe that all children should have access to a safe and exciting place to play. That is why we take the time to build sensory interactive playsystems that stimulate the imagination for extensive explorative play. In addition, we construct each playset carefully for guaranteed safety and durability. They each include a limited lifetime warranty and we also offer wood mulch and rubber mulch for a play area that is completely safe.

Playset Accessories
We provide playset accessories such as sandboxes and flower boxes that bring your child’s play system to life. We also construct wood furniture, storage sheds, storage barns, and custom commercial amenities.

Contact Us
Contact Swing Time Outdoors for more information about our play systems or to get a quote for a custom structure. Set up a free site evaluation with one of our installers by calling (770) 485-5269 or send an email to info@swingtimeoutdoors.com.